LoDa Libations

The Hail Mary

All hail the most epic Bloody Mary in Mobile! We start with our super secret Bloody Mary mix and vodka shaken with ice then we pack it full with pickled goodness…okra, green beans, jalapeño, pearl onions, carrots and a mushroom. Next we add olive and fresh celery. Now onto the meats…a salami stick, chicken nugget, bacon, shrimp and a Buffalo wing. Last but not least, a donut hole for a little something sweet. It’s a meal and a drink, all in one!

Funk Your Face

A wild cocktail with three dark rums, including one blazing 151-proof. It’s a tropical blend of orange, passion fruit, lime, pomegranate and bitters that’ll have your taste buds grooving. Served in a 22-ounce mug, with a two-drink limit.

Cotton Candy Dream

A daring fusion of white rum, creamy coconut, pineapple juice, tangy lime, a splash of blue curacao and a bold hint of Fireball whisky. Crowned with a cotton candy cloud and sipped through a swirly straw, it’s a mind-bending drink that dreams are made of.

Lose Your Rind

A wild melon blast! This mix of watermelon vodka, electric watermelon Red Bull, tangy sour, and a splash of blue curaçao is your invitation to a fun, fruity rebellion.

Blackberry Sidecar

A bold twist on a classic cocktail, featuring Hennessy, orange liqueur, sour mix and blackberry syrup. It’s the remix you’ve been waiting for.

Mega Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea over ice with your choice of flavored vodka floater – Strawberry • Lemon • Orange • Raspberry • Blueberry • Watermelon

Passion Fruit Mule

A refreshing mix of vodka, ginger beer, lime and a hint of passion fruit over ice, offering a delightful balance of spicy, zesty, and crisp flavors with a tropical twist.

Hand Shaken Margarita

Your choice of flavor: Watermelon • Passion fruit • Strawberry • Blackberry

Rye Hard

A brave blend of Bulleit rye whiskey, vibrant lemon and orange juices, tropical pineapple, a hint of grenadine and a dash of audacity. Live life on the edge with this fearless libation.

The Hail Mary